At Pink House Farm we raise purebred Tamworth pigs on pasture. Tamworth is an old heritage breed that is long and lean and manages quite well living off the land with minimal help, (interference) from the farmer.  Our pigs are free to graze in fields of clover and orchard grass, snooze in the shade of the woods, root, (nothing short of concrete stops them, and we have none of that) and just do what pigs do naturally.   We don’t use growth hormones or routine antibiotics on our pigs.  We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our fields.

We also raise chickens for meat and eggs.  We raise the Freedom Ranger chickens in a free range pastured manner.  They have a house for shelter at night, and are free to roam all day within an electric netting enclosed pasture.  The house and pasture are moved regularly to keep them on fresh grass.  Chickens are processed by us on the farm. 

We have a large variety of pork cuts and sausages as well as chicken products and eggs available.  You can buy them directly from us online for pickup at the farm or one of our other delivery locations by clicking on the Purchase tab at the top of this page.  Our products are also available at several local shops in the central Virginia area and at the Mineral Farmer’s Market from May through October.

Pigs are also available as breeding stock, feeder pigs, (weaned piglets) or whole hogs for barbecues or your freezer etc.   We can deliver them to the butcher to be custom processed into the cuts you want.

We love to show off our beautiful red pigs and chickens; so give us a call if you’d like to come see the farm.  We’ll be happy to show you around.

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